.NET lead developer to the growing projects in Tallinn

In this picture you can see our .NET team in Finland. We are a rapidly growing digital business company with strong emphasis on getting value out of data and software development for our customers that include many of the biggest companies and organizations in Finland and Sweden. Solita employees have carried out interesting and meaningful work in three Finnish cities for over 20 years. Now we have a good team working in Tallinn as well. At Solita, you’ll be able to contribute to software projects that people find meaningful in their everyday lives, and to the development of the software industry.

Solita creates tailored software development solutions for its customers in a technologically neutral way. Now, we are building a team to work with .NET technologies.

Before reading more, you can read (if you want) more about what our developers do here at Solita from our developer blog dev.solita.fi

Interesting and challenging projects and an outstanding work community

Our work-environment offers you freedom and responsibilities to take you in the direction you’re most passionate about. You will be able to have an influence on how Solita develops as a company and workplace. In particular, you will get to develop our new office in Tallinn and its culture. At Solita you’ll learn new things, share your knowledge with others, and work in a variety of roles along your journey. We cherish the balance between work and free time in everyday life, and we respect every individual.

At Solita, you’ll be part of a team that is courageous and passionate, but at the same time easygoing. We foster a culture of experimentation and autonomy, and we’re opposed to rigid corporative formalities. In addition to your future colleagues, modern tools and technologies, good support services and ergonomic working spaces will help you enjoy your work.

What kind of people are we looking for to join our .NET team?

As a .NET lead developer, you will be the first person in a team that creates superior online services for our Finnish and international customers using modern tools and technologies. Online services include, for instance, online shops and services related to product information and document management. You can put your skills into practice in the way that you feel is best. Curiosity, learning new things and self-piloting play a crucial role. As a lead developer, you will be among the first persons in our Tallinn office. Together with our country manager Märt Ridala and colleagues from our Finnish teams you will be building a .net development team around you. That means that you will have a big role in choosing the team members, choosing the technologies and tools, mentoring your team-members and being “a bridge” between our Finnish team and projects and the new team in Tallinn.

Technology wise we hope you have experience in the following:

  • you have excellent C# programming skills
  • NET MVC, Web API and Azure are a piece of cake for you
  • you are familiar with designing application architecture
  • you always try to produce code that is as clear and readable as possible
  • you want to work close to customers and understand the needs and end-users of their business.

Besides technology you also have experience in the following:

  • Agile projects and development methods. Scrum.
  • Mentoring junior developers or trainees
  • Working with big corporate customers

In addition, we appreciate the following characteristics in both tasks:

  • You are a versatile full-stack developer, and in addition to back-end, you also master the latest front-end technologies (e.g. React, Vue.js, Aurelia)
  • You are interested in cloud technologies. You have participated in projects using Azure cloud technologies, and you want to share your cloud skills with other people.
  • You want to automate everything. You’re interested not only in automating testing, but you are constantly looking for ways to automate delivery and production.

Come and contribute to the growth of Solita’s office in Tallinn!

Send us your application to jobs@solita.ee. Tell us why you would be the best software developer and what you’re most passionate about. Please attach your CV or your LinkedIn profile. You can also impress us with your code by sending us a link, for instance, to your GitHub profile. Send your application by 19th of March.

  • If you have any questions related to the Software developer positions, please contact Märt tel. +372 513 4833 / mart.ridala@solita.fi
  • Ask more information about working in Solita from Jarkko tel. +358 44 339 8640 / jarkko.dahlstrom@solita.fi
  • If you want to meet our software developers, you can come to our Solita Dev Meetup on 25.1.2018 in Tallinn. Register here.

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