Java Developer to Tallinn

Would you like to develop software that changes and improves the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the Nordic countries? Would you like to develop the way IT-systems are built and software developed? We are now looking for visionary Java Developer to start our Java team in Tallinn.

Our Java projects and few words about Solita

Solita is among the fastest growing IT-Services companies in the Nordics with over 670 highly skilled specialists. Solita’s roots are in Finland where we are known as one of the best places to work and our specialists as one of the best in the Nordics. In the end of 2017, we opened a development center in Tallinn, where we are now looking for skilled specialists to work for our Nordic projects.

We develop the business for large international customers by developing software and IT systems for them. Thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of people use the systems we build daily. Here are a few examples of projects that we are now working with:

  • We are developing a complete digital services stack for an international retail corporation. We are using technologies like Java, Liferay, Clojure, AWS in the tens of agile projects running for this customer.
  • Operational management system for coordinating the icebreakers working on the Baltic Sea. The system uses location data and synchronizes information over weak data-links on the sea. The technology stack used in this project includes Java microservices, Spring Boot, Aurelia, Leaflet.
  • A system that receives messages from the railways monitoring devices about passing trains. The system analyzes the received messages and creates alarms based on alarm-rules. System is also connecting RFID information from the trains to the equipment registry. The technology we are using here is Java, Spring, OracleDB and Angular.

In Solita, you can influence what you do. For example some prefer longer projects, others shorter projects. Some prefer a certain technology stack, the others a different one.

Way of working and technologies

We are interested in implementing our software development projects in the best way possible. We are also helping our customers in implementing the best modern agile methodologies with our professional Agile Coaches. From our software developers we expect the best quality. In an ideal Scrum team we have a Scrum Master who takes care of the fluency of everyday work and a Product Owner who prioritizes the backlog.

The project team has the right to choose the methods and tools they see as the best for the project. Typically we implement the projects by using languages running on JVM (among others java, Kotlin, Clojure, Scala). Please read about the technology we use and interesting things around it from our dev.solita.fi blog.

What our Java team expects from you

  • You have worked in multiple Java-stack projects. You have experience in Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). You manage Jenkins, Spring Boot and are good with databases.
  • You are a full-stack developer and besides back-end you are good in front-end technologies (for example in React, Angular, or Aurelia)
  • You just want to automate everything! Not only testing but also delivery and production.
  • Fluent English is a must. Finnish, Swedish and Estonian skills a benefit.

Since we are using cloud-technologies in our projects, we would like to see you interested in them too (AWS etc.) If you are already familiar with them, it will be seen as a plus!

Are you interested? Here is how to apply to as a Java Developer!

We value your skills, but we are also interested in you as a person. That is why we would like to have a chat with you to discuss your interests and expectations for the future. Tell us shortly why you are interested in Java Developer position and apply!

  • Please send us your CV or LinkedIn profile at jobs@solita.ee or from the webpage that opens when you press the button underneath.
  • You can ask more information about our projects and everyday life from Saku Aho +358 40 593 4844 /saku.aho@solita.fi
  • About our Development Center in Tallinn from Märt Ridala +372 51 34833 /mart.ridala@solita.fi
  • Discuss with our Recruitment Coach Jenni Kivikoski +358 44 750 4441 / jenni.kivikoski@solita.fi

Share your dream with us

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We all have a dream. Share yours with us and join us in building a future you want to live in. At Solita, new culture, services and technologies are created by people with both ordinary and extraordinary backgrounds.

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