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Data Engineers / Finland

We are looking for multiple Data Engineers to join us in building a better tomorrow together with the best talent in data, design and software development that Europe has to offer. We have Data Engineer positions open in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Turku and Lahti.

In the Data Engineer role, your job is to design and implement technical solutions that include, for example, data modelling and integrations, data warehousing and cloud-based data pipelines. You will use your skills and vision to support the development of our customers’ business, and you can also work in pre-sales and participate in developing our working methods, if you wish. Wondering that how to become a modern Data Engineer? Read this blogpost about skills, techs and mindset!

We build data solutions for our customers using whichever modern technology best suits their needs. The most important components in our data projects are cloud-based databases and different data storage methods, such as Snowflake and Amazon Redshift and S3, depending on the project. We develop data architecture based on software development practices and often using agile methods.

We have worked with data for over 15 years and today we employ over 200 data specialists. Our cosy offices are centrally located in the largest cities of Finland and the other Nordic countries. As a Data Engineer, you will work in a Solita team on the premises of our customers, as well as in our offices in Helsinki, Turku, Oulu, Tampere or Lahti. Read more about our data expertise!

The skills we are looking for in our future colleague

  • We appreciate it if your skill set includes some of the following: data modelling, data warehousing, databases (SQL/NoSQL) and ETL/ELT.
  • You are able to, or willing to learn how to, handle data fluidly (parse, transfer, store, edit) and build data pipelines
  • You have solid skills in some programming language – preferably in Python, R or Java.
  • You will make us very happy if you also have a grasp of cloud service architecture and can comprehensively apply cloud service provider offerings (AWS, Azure, etc.) to meet the customer’s business needs.
  • It’s a big advantage if you are familiar with software development practices, e.g. version control and CI/CD.
  • You have the technical expertise to personally execute the solutions you design. Here at Solita, our Data Engineers are working mostly in hands-on projects.

Examples of our data, AI and analytics projects

  • For Amer Sports, we built a unique data platform. We designed and implemented a platform that combines customer and sales data. The technologies used were Microsoft Power BI and the Azure cloud. The data platform produces forecasts that allow production and the logistics chain to be optimised to meet demand with an accuracy of 90 per cent, resulting in annual savings in materials that are up to tens of millions of euros.
  • For DNA, we created a top-class artificial intelligence to predict customer needs. The AI is based in the cloud and driven by data science and open source code. This ultimate data platform allowed the customer to replace isolated data silos and analytics projects with a unified solution. The data platform won the Best Data Use category of the Grand One 2017 competition.

Got interested? Let’s discuss!

Tell us about yourself and your background in your own words. We want to hear from you and figure out together what works best for us both. Send your application by email to or via the Apply here -button on below.

  • For more information about our projects and the Data Engineer role, contact Team Lead Tuomas Melin on Tuesdays between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. by calling +358 40 768 8859 or email
  • For more information about working at Solita, contact Joel Kinnunen from our talent acquisition team by calling/WhatsApp +358 50 506 0096 or email

There will be two rounds of interviews where you can meet your potential new team members. You will also be given the opportunity to prove your skills with a small exercise, and we will provide constructive feedback on the results.

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