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We believe that data is one of the most important assets for companies now and in the future. Our ambition is to ensure that data assets are used in the best possible way – to generate added value for companies, their end-users and customers. We need more Data Business Designers in Sweden to work as trusted advisors with our clients to figure out the business side of transforming to become data driven. If you feel you see the change and opportunity but can’t drive the change in your current position, give us a call!

This is what we have learned about success:

  • Tech is easy – culture is hard
  • Focus on the core business instead of one off’s or startup labs
  • Data development is not a support function or an IT project
  • A data asset is independent of source and use-case and accumulates in a constantly increasing pack

With clients, value the above, we are seeing 300% + improvements in the core business KPI’s. The changes are radical and the path is not easy but it is fun and rewarding. We’ll help you implement the cultural change required to be data-driven. We’ll train and coach our clients to become agile and help democratize the data and analytic capabilities, and improve the data literacy in organizations.

In practice this means:

Our Data Business Designers

We are experienced experts from the field of business, organizational change, data & algorithms. Our common denominator is passion for data and it is one of the reasons we work at Solita. We believe that: data used wisely leads to smart decisions and actions, data can change businesses for the better when actioned on, data utilization and design has to be business oriented, and service design without data is futile in the future. Our typical clients are C-level executives and we make sure to be there to drive the change in their organization.  Your closest colleagues will be our Data Business Designers Jussi, Anna, Olli, Antti, Lasse, Mika and Tero

What are we looking for from a Data Business Designer?

We are looking for three core capabilities – people who are able to combine business, organizational change, data and algorithms. You don’t have to master all of these areas but we are expecting that you have the knowledge to deep-dive in one of those areas and are willing to jump into the unknown in the other areas:

  • You understand how data can be utilized in business processes through advanced analytics (ML, AI). 
  • You understand technology architecture
  • Understanding of how business works and how value is created
  • You can influence C-suite executives and act as trusted advisor 
  • Understand culture, and can lead and coach innovation and agility
  • You are a systematic thinker
  • Product Owner, Scrum or equivalent background that helps getting things done

Join us in building our Data Business Design team at Solita!

If you feel up to the challenge, send your application.  Tell us briefly why you are interested in the Data Business Design position, along with your CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile. 

  • Should you have any questions about this position, contact Johannes Hirvonsalo, on +358 40 577 0789, or
  • If Solita sounds like a great place to work but this job doesn’t quite suit you, check out our other positions.
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