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Data Architects to Finland

Data Architect Solita

We are looking for experienced Data Architects to join us in building a better tomorrow together with the best talent in data, analytics and software development that Finland has to offer. Positions are open in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Turku, and Lahti.

The Data Architect role places you at the forefront of the Finnish digitalization. You will use your skills and vision to support the development of our customers’ business, and you can also work in pre-sales together with our account managers if you wish. You will map the current situation and outline future goals. You will describe to our customers the business opportunities ahead and how they can capitalize on these opportunities, in particular from the perspective of data and analytics. Your job is to design technical solutions that incorporate data modeling and integrations, data warehouses and cloud-based data pipelines, for example, and to implement them with a team.

We at Solita have worked with data for over 15 years and today we employ over 200 data specialists. Our cozy offices are centrally located in the largest cities of Finland and the other Nordic countries. As a Data Architect, you will work in a Solita team on the premises of our customers, as well as in our offices in Helsinki, Turku, Oulu, Tampere or Lahti. Read more about our data expertise!

What we are looking for in a Data Architect’s skillset

  • You can map out architecture-level solutions for both business decision-makers and the implementing experts in an understandable way.
  • We hope to see the following in your toolkit: data modeling, data warehousing, databases (SQL/NoSQL) and ETL/ELT.
  • You will make us very happy if you are familiar with cloud service architecture and can comprehensively apply cloud service provider offerings (AWS, Azure, etc.) to meet the customer’s business needs.
  • You are able to handle data fluidly (parse, transfer, store, edit) and build data pipelines in some programming language, e.g. Python, R or Java.
  • You are familiar with software development practices, e.g. version control and CI/CD.
  • You show the Solita boldness, casualness, passion and caring towards your work and others.

Examples of our data, AI, and analytics projects

  • For Amer Sports, we built a unique data platform. We designed and implemented a platform that combines customer and sales data. The technologies used were Microsoft Power BI and the Azure cloud. The data platform produces forecasts that allow production and the logistics chain to be optimized to meet demand with an accuracy of 90 percent, resulting in annual savings in materials that are up to tens of millions of euros.
  • For DNA, we created a top-class artificial intelligence to predict customer needs. The AI is based in the cloud and driven by data science and open-source code. This ultimate data platform allowed the customer to replace isolated data silos and analytics projects with a unified solution. The data platform won the Best Data Use category of the Grand One 2017 competition.

Got interested? Let’s discuss!

Tell us about yourself and your background in your own words. We want to hear from you and figure out together what works best for us both. Send your application via the Apply here -button below.

For more information about working at Solita, contact Joel Kinnunen by calling +358 50 506 0096 or email

There will be two rounds of interviews where you can meet your potential new team members. You will also be given the opportunity to prove your skills with a small exercise, and we will provide constructive feedback on the results.

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We’re a community of diverse talent who embrace each others’ (im)perfections

We’re a community of diverse talent who embrace each others’ (im)perfections

If you have either a conventional or unconventional background in technology, strategy or design.

If you care about creating impact that lasts and doing what matters.

Welcome home.

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Autonomy & Professionalism

We combine a high-level of autonomy with a culture of caring. We believe that low hierarchies give room for everyone to own their expertise.

Our collective professionalism is built upon co-designed ways of working and leadership principles.

Autonomy 8.7
(Benchmark 8.4)

Autonomy, remote work 9.0
(7.9 Benchmark)

Caring 8.4
(No industry benchmark)

Management support 8.7
(Benchmark 8.3)

We speak up

Our customers appreciate us for speaking up and challenging them to ensure the quality of the end-result.

We exercise internal and external transparency through open dialogue and encourage everyone to do so.

Courage 8.2
(No industry benchmark)

Freedom of opinions 8.6
(8.1 Benchmark)

Passion 8.0
(No industry benchmark)

Experiment, fail & try again

Failure is an option – and a valuable teacher. With a growth mindset and design thinking, we learn, grow and succeed by doing instead of talking.

People join us to be a part of a diverse community of experienced professionals whom they can learn with.

Learning 8.0
(7.3 Benchmark)

Mentoring 8.7
(8.3 Benchmark)

Life and people first

For us, flexibility and freedom mean well-being and productivity.

We’re lucky to choose from ample options: freedom to choose when and where, flexible office space, remote work, family leave mentoring, professional or personal coaching etc.

Flexibility 9.3
(8.1 Benchmark)

Workload 8.3
(7.5 Benchmark)

We are humans, not machines

Some call it hygge, we call it an essential part of Nordic living.

The “big” little moments that matter: relaxed breaks with colleagues or customers, feeling at home and wearing woolly socks, playing a quick game to recharge etc.

Work environment 7.7
(7.5 Benchmark)

Atmosphere in our customer project 8.1
(No industry benchmark)

Easy-going 8.4
(No industry benchmark)