Business Design and Strategy

Examples of deliverables


    We generate big picture customer insights to support strategic decision making. We identify new and forgotten customer segments and quantify results.


    Building on customer insights and external scanning, we create scenarios that support you to identify and evaluate alternative solutions and paths. We assess alternatives from the point of view of customers, business and feasibility.


    By introducing design thinking and tools into strategy we ensure, that your business strategy is customer centric, hypothesis-driven and adaptive.
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    We identify, evaluate and build new business. We locate sources of customer value, evaluate business potential and experiment. We pilot, pivot and scale concepts until they are profitable business.


    We analyze necessary business cases and simulations to support decision making, service design and investments. We use either our proprietary Business Simulator or good old Excel. For evaluating new ventures we use for example Innovation Accounting.


    We support business area leadership and their organization to translate corporate strategy into actions. We identify concrete first steps and pilots to scale strategy into reality.

Business design – Enhanced customer experience while making impact on your bottom line

Success in today’s fast-moving world requires an excellent understanding of customers and markets, as well as the ability to adapt quickly. How can you form a good strategy in an ever more complex environment – and keep on iterating your strategy as you go?

We can help you develop your business through design thinking. Business design is a way to introduce familiar product and service design methods to business development. For example, we use customer-driven design, cultural knowledge, prototyping and experiments to create strategies and new business. They allow you to assess the desirability, profitability and feasibility of reorganising your business, which significantly improves the odds of success for development projects.

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