22 Feb 2021Blog

Solita Belgium welcomes Vincent Delbaen and Ken Verhulst to join our data team


We are excited to have two new solitans in our data team in Belgium: Data Engineers Vincent Delbaen and Ken Verhulst.

Our data division is one of Solita’s four areas of expertise. We have over 185 data specialists in four countries, and our knowledge portfolio contains a variety of data-related specialisations involving data solutions in almost all technologies, both cloud-native and on-prem. We are happy to expand our data expertise in Belgium!

Vincent Delbaen is a data expert who operates comfortably between business and technology. He studied business in the university, but since he always enjoyed working with data, he ended up crafting a path for himself that combines business understanding with tech skills. Vincent worked as a Data Integration Analyst at Accenture before joining Solita and is eager to bring all his skills and know-how to the team. He sees a great opportunity in Belgium to help more companies build modern data platforms using different cloud technologies.

“Solita is still small in Belgium, but there is more and more demand for advanced data solutions. It’s a moving market with a lot of potential, and Solita wants to grow here. I wanted to be part of the journey and contribute to building the local presence here in Belgium. I was also attracted by the flat hierarchy and easy-going atmosphere within the company”, Vincent says.

Our other new colleague, Ken Verhulst, has recently returned from the US, where he lived, studied and worked for most of his life. Ken has a business intelligence background and a wide experience in tech consulting and building data solutions. His track record entails tech consulting in the academic world, and he was also part of the Oracle Data Cloud Team in the US. Ken enjoys problem-solving and finds work in the always-evolving tech field highly inspiring.

“What attracts me in data is that we live in a time where tech can be used to provide a competitive advantage if you have the right tools and solutions. Organisations devote so much energy and resources to capture data, yet getting insights and increasing access is a significant hurdle, which is where we come in. With the right implementation, we can develop modern, scalable solutions to help organisations make the most of their data”, Ken explains.

If you are interested to hear about career opportunities at Solita, we are constantly looking for new talented data, cloud and integration & API professionals to join our team. Contact our recruiter Liese Hennus ([email protected]) to start a dialogue with us. You can learn more about our culture here.

If you want to know how Solita can help you convert your data into an asset and accelerate your journey towards a data-driven business you can contact our Customer Success Director Stijn Lekens ([email protected]) to start a discussion with us. Learn more about our services.

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