27 Apr 2020Blog

Remote work stories: Miia Rämö

We started our company-wide remote working on Friday 13th of March. A #remotework channel was created on Slack, and since then our community has been sharing tips on staying sane and funny stories from their new remote working life. We asked a few of these people to share their stories and their “new normal”.

This is Miia’s story:

What is your role? Which team? 

Hello! My name is Miia Rämö and I’m working at Solita as a Data Engineer. I’m placed at our Helsinki office. As a data engineer I help to move our customer’s data around and transform it as needed – in other words: I develop data pipelines and platforms.

What are you working on? 

In my current project I am doing API development and data integrations in a Master Data Management project. This is my first consulting project ever.

What do you love about your job? How long have you worked at Solita?

Based on my previous answer you might have guessed right: I am a pretty new face at Solita. I started my career here in January 2020 by joining the Solita Data Academy programme. During the academy period we were introduced to what we do here at Solita when we do data and to the Solita way of working generally. As I am someone just entering the world of consulting, the Academy programme gave me the support I needed to transform my career. A great experience with an awesome bunch of people – I highly recommend it.

What I especially love about my job is the customer centricity of consultancy and the fact that I get to learn new skills every day.

What’s your biggest passion(s)? 

My biggest passion workwise would be to always improve. Not only by learning new technologies and related practices but also developing my self-leadership skills and productivity.

I am also very passionate about having a suitable balance between work and rest of my life so that there is enough time for my dearest hobbies horseback riding and golf, and really for anything I happen to be excited about at some point in life.

What’s your most impactful experience at Solita so far? 

I cannot name any one major impactful experience but the small things that show how our core value, caring, is part of our everyday life really amazes me. 🙂

Just to mention one example: it seems to be a custom to avoid approaching people with work related messages outside office hours. I think this is especially important (and cool) now that we are working from home and could easily end up working non-stop.

What brightens your #remotework day?

My #remotework life started with very bad ergonomy. Luckily, Solita was kind enough to organise a transportation for office chairs and screens. And even though acquiring those came with the price of losing the dining table from my studio apartment, I wonder how I can ever let these go and transform back to working only with a laptop at home.

One major struggle of mine is including enough quality breaks in my day. During the quarantine I have found that the best breaks are those where you do something with your hands (other than typing of course). I am currently trying out the pomodoro method and taking advantage of the situation by looking after my plants during my breaks. 

Some definite pros of the situation are that I do not need to spend time commuting to work and that I get to spend more time in my lovely home.

– Miia

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