23 Jun 2021Blog

People of Solita: Senior Cloud Consultant Jarkko Järvinen

Jarkko Järvinen People of Solita

We have over 1200 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them.

I’ve felt welcome since the beginning

I started working for Solita in the middle of the pandemic in August 2020. The whole process was virtual, and when I got the job, I just went to pick up tools from the office and started working remotely like everyone else. But everything went smoothly. I was able to roll my sleeves right away and dived into client projects in the first week. Also, working from home wasn’t anything new for me since I was working with people from all over the world in my previous job. So, Teams-life was familiar to me.

I’ve felt welcome since the beginning. People here are considerate, encouraging, and authentically present. The culture is caring: my Team Lead, for example, checks in often to make sure that everything is ok. That’s the vibe I’ve got from Solita, even when just working from home. Also, communication and knowledge sharing work well. Active Slack channels have made it easy to reach out to people and find help and advice to any problems.

In one of my first projects, I’ve been working for a customer in the public sector. We are helping them to transfer their whole infrastructure into the cloud. We are building the environment in Azure and making sure that everything is functioning well, from monitoring to cybersecurity. We are setting the foundation for a bigger digital transformation that will take place in a later stage. My job is to bring views and ideas about what could serve them well, so it’s a process of testing, discussing, and pivoting.

I enjoy being at the forefront of technological development

The best part of my job is freedom and autonomy. I’ve been able to choose the projects I want to work with, and I’ve learned that it’s completely ok to say no if you don’t have the capacity or interest to work with something. I’ve also managed to keep my workload reasonable and noticed that work-life balance is encouraged here. That’s important to me since I value my time outside of work.

I’m also very tech orientated, and I love to explore new things. The projects I’ve worked with have enabled me to be at the forefront of technological development, which I enjoy a lot. When you work with things that very few people know about in the industry, you know you are at the core of new things. It also means that we find the best solutions through trial and error. We investigate as we go and learn all the time.

While I’ve been learning a lot in the projects, Solita also enables learning and development in many other ways. In the first weeks, I did an Azure Solutions Architect Expert Certificate. Solita encourages people to learn and do certificates. There are also courses and other materials available to anyone, one of the latest additions is the O’Reilly learning environment.

In one of my projects, I have also used Terraform. Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as code software tool that enables you to safely and predictably create, change, and improve infrastructure. I’ve wanted to learn more about this tool for a while, and at Solita, this opportunity was offered to me right away. I’ve also learned more about Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), which enables a secure remote desktop experience from virtually anywhere. People here are generally eager to learn about new technologies and apply them in projects as fast as possible.

I’m also studying at the university on the side. I’m working on my master thesis at the moment; the target is to get my degree (M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence) at the end of the year. I already have two degrees; M.Sc. (Tech) in Software Engineering, which I completed while working between 2010-2015. My first degree is B. Eng. of Embedded System (2008). So, learning new things definitely makes me thrive!

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