14 Sep 2020Blog

People of Solita: Koronavilkku Software Designer Henry Jalonen

Meet our People of Solita. We have over 1000 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them.

This is Henry, our Software Designer and father juggling with kids, work and everyday life.

Working with meaningful projects is a key thing for me

I have a long history in the field of software development. I got into it already when I was a teenager, and it became my hobby. I started my first full-time job before finishing high school, and I’m still on the same path.

These days at Solita, I work as a software designer and my main responsibilities are the technical solutions for the products we are designing for our clients. I work mostly with mobile applications, which is about developing the app and building the technical structure for it.

My goal is to make sure that the app is easy and simple to use, and I often find myself solving the challenges that are between the app and the user. A big part of the work is to collaborate with my designer colleagues and test how we can technically implement the design plans and make the app function the best way possible. It’s an iterative process, and teamwork plays an important role there. The quality of my work is a priority for me, which is why I’m always willing to go for an extra mile to make sure the app runs smoothly.

What I really like about my job is the ability to do something meaningful and make an impact. For me, it means understanding the benefit of the app and seeing how it can help people. It feels rewarding to be able to bring value to the end-user by building a technical solution that functions well and serves its purpose. I feel quite lucky as I never really had to question if my work has a purpose – it does!

Koronavilkku project was a great joint effort

I was part of the Koronavilkku (“Corona Blinker”) team and ended up having quite a versatile role in the project. Koronavilkku is Finland’s Covid-19 contact tracing app that helps combat the spread of the virus.

I was responsible of the technical side of the iPhone app, but I also had a broader consultative role in which I tried to make sure that the design, implementation and value for the client are all in balance. I also have experience in working with app stores, so I took care of the architecture behind the mobile app publishing and deployment.

Koronavilkku has been an exciting and unique project. Several different organisations and companies worked together, and the level of collaboration and dedication was probably the coolest thing in the project. It truly felt like we are all in the same boat and everyone wanted to contribute regardless of which country or organisation they came from.

I’m happy to be surrounded by open-minded co-workers

I think the people here are very professional and friendly. Solitans are open-minded and always coming up with improvement ideas. There is a willingness to try new things and let go of old ways of working. What I also like about the culture is that everyone’s opinion is appreciated.

In the projects we share responsibility, and I never have to worry about stepping into my co-worker’s toes. We have flexible roles, and if someone is super excited about certain tasks, they get to do them. I’ve worked in many different roles myself because I’ve had the opportunity to take responsibility on topics that I’ve found interesting. We also have a lot of initiatives here, for example, the Solita podcast “Palmun alla”. I’m an enthusiastic podcast listener, and I’ve always wanted to produce one, so I got to do that at Solita.

Solita has given me the possibility to build my skills in mobile app development, which was a long-time dream for me. I’ve grown a lot through the new conquest, and so far, it has satisfied my hunger for learning. When I have more capacity, I might participate in the education programs that Solita offers through partnership deals with Amazon, Microsoft or Google, to grab some new certificates. However, my current role still provides me with tons of learning opportunities, so those certificates will have to wait for a while.

Henry Jalonen is a Software Design professional who works at Solita’s Development Community as part of the Special Competences team. The team consists of experts from several different special competence areas and can bring valuable knowledge into our projects.

We are constantly looking for new talented co-workers. Join Henry and our Solita Community!