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People of Solita: Data Trainee Hamid Khodayari

Hamid Khodayari People of Solita blog

Meet our People of Solita. We have over 1000 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them.

This is Hamid; our Data Trainee at the Belgian office, who likes reading, cycling and cooking.

I’m learning something new every day

I joined Solita’s team in Belgium as an intern quite recently. I’m studying applied informatics at the University, and I’m graduating in January. This is an excellent opportunity for me to get some work experience in the tech industry and consulting.

Due to Corona lockdown, everyone is working from home. In the beginning, I met up with my mentor and one other colleague, and they helped me to get started. I’m an introvert, so I don’t mind working remotely. Regardless of the situation, people have been very welcoming, and virtual interaction works well.

Deep dive to AI and machine learning

I started working with a crowd management project, which aims to enhance security in the workplace. This application can help people to move around more safely at the office. Now during the pandemic, it’s useful, but the app can also tackle other types of security issues. It’s an internal project, but if it goes well, we can offer the solution to clients in the future.

The project is really interesting from my perspective. Right now, I’m doing background research and learning a lot from new technologies. We are using AI and machine learning in the software, so I’ve had opportunities to dive deeper into these areas. It has been nice to work with these technologies in the real company context and learn more about how they work in practice.

It’s a complex and challenging project for me, but I like challenges! I also like the fact that I get to learn a lot; every day there is something new coming up.

It’s nice to work with friendly and warm people

People here have been very friendly and warm. Even though everyone is sitting at home, I’ve felt welcome. It’s lovely when colleagues are supportive and always willing to help.

We have an agile way of working, and every morning we get together for 15 minutes to go through what I’ve done, what’s happening next and if I need any help. Interaction works well also in the broader context. I’m surprised how effective Slack is as an internal channel. If I need something or if I have a question, I can post it in the Slack channel, and I always get an answer in five minutes. It’s impressive!

I’m happy to be part of the Solita community and learn from the people here. I want to be an IT-consultant in the future and help companies with their digital transformations. This internship gives me the experience I’m looking for and takes me one step closer to my goals.

Hamid Khodayari is a data trainee who works at Solita’s Belgian community. The community joined Solita’s workforce in November 2019 when Solita and Ferrologic formed a North European leader in data-driven digital transformation.

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