16 Oct 2020Blog

People of Solita: Data Engineer & Team Lead Zoë Ehuhu

Zoë Ehuhu People of Solita

Meet our People of Solita. We have over 1000 employees in different locations with different skills and backgrounds – each with a story to share about what they do and what inspires them.

This is Zoë, our Data Engineer & Team Lead, music lover and adventure seeker.

I can be the bridge between tech and business

I’m a new joiner in the Solita team in Belgium. I started in Data Engineer’s role less than two months ago. I’ve been working with data for about seven years now, and I saw an opportunity to learn more by joining the team at Solita.

The data branch in the Belgian office is relatively new, so I have a chance to be part of creating some new business here. I’m developing solutions for data flow; how it comes in, how we take care of it, how we transform it and, in the end, use it. Ultimately, it’s about transforming the data to information, so that people and companies can use it the best possible ways.

In my role, I can help the tech and the business people to speak the same language. I can do my analysis from both perspectives and then come up with solutions that work for each unique situation. In short, my task is to understand the objectives and define the technology we need to get the information the client is after.

So far, I’ve been working quite independently, but in the future, I will be more involved with client projects. I get to do a lot of things; I’ve been, for example, coaching some junior members of my data team, as I love to help people.

Zoë Ehuhu People of Solita Zoë Ehuhu People of Solita

Through data, we can get better insights on what is happening in the world

What inspires me in my line of work is that there is always something new coming up and opportunities to learn. The data industry is developing all the time, the tools and the tech are improving, and to keep up with the market makes my job really intriguing.

We can make a huge impact by using data. Data is teaching me a lot, and we can get better insights into what is happening in the world. I don’t like the “big brother” scenarios where data is abused to violate our privacy. But, I know that responsible usage of it can help us make predictions about the future and conclusions about reality. We can also see different trends in the world. Data can be used everywhere, from marketing to health care, and for many good purposes.

It’s nice to work in a culture that puts their people first

Based on my experience at Solita, the company fosters a people-first culture. It’s not about sales and profits regardless of the means or treating people as numbers. It’s rather focusing on providing meaningful opportunities to people and working with projects that matter.

I’m a newbie at Solita, so it’s been nice to notice that I can always ask for advice and everyone is willing to help. The expertise within the company is outstanding; there is always someone who knows more than you and has more experience. The size of the company also gives all of us opportunities to get experience in other branches. I get the feeling that there is a genuine willingness to help us grow.

We, of course, have a lovely community of our own here in Belgium. It’s 25 people, everyone knows each other, and there is a family-like feeling at the office. Most of the people from the office are really into biking, and they have tried to convince me to join them for their trips, so far without results. It has become a common joke at the office that I need to be converted; maybe they buy me a biking suit next! However, I prefer to grab my motorcycle and take a trip up to the mountains if it’s a sunny day. That’s more my kind of a thing!

Zoë Ehuhu is a Data Engineer and Team Lead who works at Solita’s Belgian Community. The Community joined Solita’s workforce in November 2019 when Solita and Ferrologic formed a North European leader in data-driven digital transformation.

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