13 Jun 2020Blog

Meet our People of Solita Health: Pinja Krook

Our Solita Health team members harness human insight and intelligent technologies to impact many lives. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds and have different stories to tell about how they got into Health related projects.

Get to know the stories of some of our people: Meet Pinja. 

Combining my passions to do my dream job

I’m a Service Designer specialised in health and well-being. Although I’m now in my dream job, I actually had a hard time figuring out what I want to do when I grow up. First I studied computer science and social work, then occupational therapy and design. I worked a few years in Finland’s biggest health care districts before combining all my interests as a Service Designer. I joined Solita in the Autumn of 2018.

I’m passionate about designing services that support universal well-being and make the lives of the health service customers and employees easier. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project is, it is more about making an impact and seeing people be more happy and healthy. I love learning something new all the time, and in the Health sector I know I won’t run out of learning experiences. For example, I know quite a lot about genomes these days.

Balancing life and work

I’ve had some really interesting projects so far like Omaolo. I’ve done projects all over the health sector from pharma to health care districts and national agencies.

Currently, I’m on family leave but will return to work in August – and I can’t wait! Even though I’m not in any project at the moment, I’ve been participating in our weekly music quiz and stalking a few of my favourite projects in Slack to see what I’m missing out on. I also have a family leave mentor who keeps me updated on what’s going on at Solita at the moment.

With great people it is actually possible to make a change and improve many lives 

I think the health sector is full of passionate professionals, so I’ve met so many spectacular people on the way. Many of my customers and team members have turned into friends – working with talented people is always inspiring. With great people it is actually possible to make a change and improve lives. 

I loved working as an occupational therapist and meeting patients every day but I got frustrated with not being able to help more people. Now I still get to meet people and listen to their stories but I can help them in a larger scale.

What’s your most impactful experience at Solita so far? 

I helped to organise our internal Solita Health Day last year, where dozens of Solitans gathered together to learn about: our interesting health projects, new health data legislation, and to solve societal health and well-being issues together. It was mind blowing to see what kind of concepts teams created in only a few hours. It really showed how we can make an impact combining people from different competence backgrounds: design and strategy, data, development and cloud and connectivity.

How did you get involved with Health related projects? What inspired you? 

I actually think I wouldn’t have figured out my passion for the health sector, if my family member hadn’t fallen ill. After following her journey in the healthcare system and trying to find a cure for her disease, I found my mission. Suddenly my old job as an IT professional started to feel meaningless and I wanted to become a healthcare professional.

What have you learned from working on Health projects at Solita?

I have also been designing health services before joining Solita but I feel that here I’ve reached a new level as a professional. We have so many interesting health projects that I think we really cover the whole sector. That’s why Solita has a really important role in helping our customers to connect with each other – we actually do that quite a lot and that’s how we can make an even bigger impact.