17 Mar 2020Blog

“It’s times like these we learn to give again” – How to stay calm and keep going (and working)

Impact that lasts

“It’s times like these we learn to give again”

I came to think of these lyrics from one of the Foo Fighters songs during the past weekend. In a way, things get clearer and more focused in the hard times and then at the same time you can get a feeling of loneliness and might wonder what should I focus on now? Is this still worth doing? Who cares about this if there is virus spreading around the world? Am I the only one with these thoughts? No, you are not.

We have done, are doing and will be doing also in the future work that has an impact. When our customers keep ordering the work from us, they believe that creating impact is still there – we are still building a better future for our customers and for ourselves. Future is not something that happens, it is something we create together.

To stay calm, we should remember that the things we do are meaningful only if we see them as meaningful. Our daily job, little routines, coffee-breaks, Sunday-walks. Meaningful – I would say – especially now as many things around us seem like they are not in our control and the future is unforeseeable.

So how to keep going and attached to routines, at work for instance? Some things you might want to consider:

  1. A bit more of those phone-calls and slack-messages just asking “How are you” – increasing the feeling of belonging.
  2. Turning those videos on in the meetings – we like to see human faces, so let’s give it a chance. Facial expressions are more than a thousand words
  3. Have also virtual coffee breaks or small celebrations via video – try it – it works!
  4. If you need to discuss challenging issues, rather use video-call instead of Slack-messaging, as it misses the facial expressions and feels more remote for hard talks.
  5. Leading your own work daily – getting a feeling of control on at least something – own work could be easy to start with. Sense of control can be reached only when focusing on things you can decide and have an effect.

Share your tips on coping with this situation with your colleagues.

Despite this abnormal situation, it’s important to keep calm and our daily work and routines running just as smoothly as before, even if we are working remotely. At Solita, we’ve been taking preventative measures regarding COVID-19 novel Coronavirus for a several weeks now. Read more about them here.