19 Feb 2019Blog

How to get work at Solita?

In 2018, over 4500 of the best and the brightest sought a career at Solita. We interviewed about 1000 people and hired over 200 new colleagues. If you are interested in a career at Solita, here are some tips to help you apply.

#Consider how you demonstrate Solita’s values

Everything we do at Solita is guided by our core values: caring, easy-going, courageous and passion. During the recruitment process, you will probably hear the term “Solita people”. Solita’s experts come from different backgrounds, but we share the same values – hopefully you will  too! During the recruitment process, we will assess how you fit into our company culture and how you embody Solita’s values. Check the article about how Solita chose it values.

#Send an open application to us

We will advertise open positions on our website, but not every position stays open long enough to make it onto the site. These are the “hidden” jobs.

You can send us an open application to improve your chances of finding a job with us. We look at all applications in the full scope of Solita to see where your skills and passion would be the best fit.

This means that even if you apply for a specific position, we will also consider you for all other positions automatically. Job openings and open application here.

#Get to know Solita’s social media channels

It is worth your while to check social media for the latest news and what Solita people have to say. Check out Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to get a good look into our projects, people and what is currently going-on.

#Make the most of blogs form Solita people

Here at Solita, we have a number of avid experts (over 750!) who share their thoughts and expertise through their blogs. All our employees are welcome to write down and publish their thoughts from the perspective of their choice.

The blogs are an awesome opportunity to get to know your future colleagues at Solita and use the thoughts you find to spice up your job search:

#Show your passion in your application

Solita employees are passionate about their work. Passion is also one of our core values. People join us because they’re eager to learn from their colleagues; they stay for the same reason. We will greatly appreciate it if you can demonstrate your drive before we meet with you face to face. If your application feels light, consider how you could use your projects or personal studies to emphasise your ability.

#Before the interview, prepare to discuss the following

We find it important that the interview be a relaxed meeting where we can both get to know each other better. We want to hear more about your skills and passion. We usually hold two or three rounds of interviews to allow you to meet as many Solita people as possible. Before the interview, we suggest you at least consider the following areas:

  • Motivation – What makes you in particular want to work at Solita?

  • Competence – We would like to hear more about your abilities and skills, as well as your strengths competence wise.

  • Company culture fit – We recruit people who fit into our culture and we want to hear how you embody the Solita values of caring, easy-going, courageous and passion.

#Network with us in events

We hold several events around Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Germany  every year, both big and small, that you can participate in to get to know our experts and hear more about the current hot spots in the industry. I was hired myself through an event in early 2017 that one of my colleague  helped to organise. Networking works! You can see the coming events here.

Jenni works as a Head of Talent Acquisition in the Solita Talent Acquisition team.  The author is passionate about modern recruitment, company culture and continuous personal development. Network with Jenni on LinkedIn and Twitter.