21 Nov 2018Blog

How to become a modern Data Engineer – Skills, techs and mindset

The hype on Data Scientists as the most wanted tech job position is old news. Have you thought that building new services from data scattered here and there is very often teamwork?

A big part of the work is gathering the data from very versatile sources, preparing it in an understandable format and ensuring the quality and security of it. Don’t forget the need of building the pipeline in a manner that it is robust, possibly refreshed in near real-time and capable of functioning in the most extreme production scenarios.

One of the best friends a Data Scientist can have is a Data Engineer

Have you ever wondered, what are the traits of a skilled Data Engineer and how you can develop them? At Solita, one of the fastest growing data and design companies in the Nordics, we are constantly on the lookout for great new colleagues. To shine some light on the daily work in our Data unit, we had a brainstorm session with our Data Engineers Simo Tanskanen and Aki Riisiö.

Here is a quick guide of becoming a desired Data Engineer, topped with some tips and links from our own experts at Solita.