22 Mar 2018Blog

Design Sprint Master Class with Jake Knapp – What Did We Learn?

Solita had a wonderful opportunity to hold a Design Sprint Master Class together with Jake Knapp, the creator of the Design Sprint method and the author of the New York Times bestseller Sprint. His visit to Finland was part of his Nordic tour and thanks to the great guys at Meom, we had him as a guest star at a Solita training session. 

So, what happens when you get to spend two full days with Jake? This was a unique opportunity and we wanted to share it with a bigger group of people. We checked our networks and invited individuals and teams who we believed would be interested in the topic. As expected, the two-day training filled up in no time. The innovation and design teams of leading companies from different fields got together to learn Jake’s sprint techniques and what makes a good sprint facilitator.

I had the privilege of continuing the discussion with Jake after the two days of training and I decided to return to a few topics that were touched on briefly during the training. This was also another unique opportunity to hear Jake’s thoughts and lessons learned based on his experience of facilitating over 150 sprints. Therefore, we wanted to record the interview for wider sharing. Jake has run design sprints with, among others, Google, Slack, Über, Nest and various other large companies and startups.

In this interview, Jake gives some tips for company management teams regarding design sprints and he also tells about his experiences of how organisations adopt the method and shares his views on the benefits and even the competitive advantage achieved by companies after adopting the design sprint approach. Most surprising is, according to Jake, that there is no significant difference in terms of how big companies and startups can build better bridges between their vision and reality with the help of design sprints.

Watch Jake’s interview below and take advantage of these ideas and opportunities in your organisation!

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