4 Oct 2016Blog

Cloud services transform cost savings into business benefits – even in minutes

A revolution in cloud services changes the IT branches of businesses in a way they have been expected to function for the past 15 years – by bringing transparency into the operative functions of the branch.

Transparency will change the business of IT organizations permanently, as the change will remove traditional silos (such as development, maintenance, economy, business activity) from the organization, and the costs of IT business activity will become transparent to the business unit. This phenomenon will offer businesses and their collaborative networks new business opportunities worth billions globally.

This transformation must be completed first

For the change to succeed, we must first change the traditional thought model of how we define the benefits and costs of a project or product. Cloud services are not necessarily cheaper than current solutions, such as in-house data centres and maintenance organizations. However, they can be used to achieve important things that affect competitiveness, such as benefits related to agility and flexibility that cannot be realized with current solutions. When making a business plan, one should pay attention to values that have been ignored previously, in addition to investments (CAPEX), maintenance (OPEX) and sales pipeline. These include ability to change, scalability to future challenges, customer satisfaction and maintainability of the system. Cloud services can answer these challenges effectively, cost-efficiently and quickly.

This revolution means that new projects should be planned from the following points of view:
  • Business activity
  • Technology platforms
  • Organizational maturity
  • Human competence
  • Processes
  • Operational activity
  • Safety