28 Apr 2020Blog

Company Culture cannot be on hold until Covid -19 passes

On Thursday, we made history at Solita – about 30 new Solitans completed a two-day virtually executed new Solitan Bootcamp. I must say that us organisers were a bit terrified in advance and tempted to consider that we should move this to the autumn when things become a little clearer. We thought that this we cannot do remotely! Of course – it would have been great to have our usual shared dinner as part of the Bootcamp in the evening, to chat face-to-face and to get to know each other properly – but fortunately we didn’t move this – and the participants’ feedback describes the mood at the end of the two days:

I think it was effective. I do not know if it would have been really different than on the premises. I feel it is good to have these and could be the way in the future as well. Good learning path.


Organizing a workshop like this online is a lot of work, but this has been pretty successful in my opinion. F2F would be better, but that is out of our hands.

Walso had to decide on a peer group of people leads – a concept how we support leaders and enable peer support in a facilitated group on a monthly basis. We decided with our people leads not to move this eitherbut to hold this virtually – now, more than ever, you want to share and discuss how to support team members and how to cope with all of this. 

At the heart of our culture are our values on which we build a community and a company that combines a strong experience of autonomy with a sense of genuine care. What is more relevant in these corona times than strengthening the experience of continuing to be able to influence your work and everyday lifeAnd that you experience that someone really cares?   

What does our culture then mean in concrete terms (also) during these exceptional times we are living in? 

Some examples to describe our daily life at Solita 

  • Low threshold to ask and give help, e.g. through Slack channels. 
  • People leads and project leads are there for support when you need it – keeping very actively in touch with team members and asking how people are doing.
  • Differensub-groups, such as #remotework and #perhepulkassa during these times enable discussions not related to workAttending virtual music quizzes and morning coffees can also help. 
  • Virtual info sessions to develop your competence, share your expertise and raise discussion.
  • Virtual Onboarding – sessions to support our newcomers (Starters and two-day Bootcamp with hands-on project work experience).
  • Internal Coach servicesAuntie virtual coaching service and family mentoring to support in various situations.
  • Leading your own work: possibility to agree working hours in a project/account with the project team or work shortened working hours, keep unpaid leave, work remotely as you wish etc. Average score on the question I am given enough freedom to decide how to do my work 8.9 (scale 0-10).
  • Currently ongoing living in exceptional times -sessions to enable discussions and sharing around topics such as mental wellbeing, interaction in the virtual world or how to keep large remote workshops etc. Hundreds of participants joining. 
  • Having data as a basis for understanding our culture, biweekly Peakon surveys with average 60% response rate. 


Trend chart on how people feel about the support they get from people leads  

It is essential for us every day – not next autumn, or when the situation has clarified – to stick to these elements that are important to us in everyday life – even if the implementation methods should be modified a little in this time.

Culture does not wait for tomorrow.