20 Jan 2021Blog

This is why Solita is the best place to work for a tech consultant in Belgium

Solita is the best place to work for a tech consultant in Belgium

We have been part of Solita since November 2019 when Solita and Ferrologic joined their forces. The new context has proven to be excellent for our team in Belgium for several reasons. Solita has an impressive selection of offerings, and we get to work with some of the most interesting clients. Our learning opportunities have expanded, and the company highly supports growth. All this forward-looking mentality is combined with a caring culture, where everyone can be authentically themselves.

Even during the pandemic, we have maintained a great team spirit, and our business demands have stayed strong. Due to the needs of our clients, we are expanding our team.

Widen your expertise and learn from your colleagues

Solita has a holistic approach to learning and development and our ways of working support growth. The comprehensive selection of our offerings provides plenty of opportunities to widen expertise and invade new areas.

Learning is part of our daily work in the client projects; we have forums for constructive feedback and open discussions to ensure everything is running smoothly. We learn from each other and gain expertise from new technologies while working with our clients and developing the best possible long-term solutions for them.

We can participate in a wide variety of training, and we also get certificated in whichever software we want to, ensuring that our know-how is up to date all the time. We host knowledge transfer and lunch sessions to enhance learning and sharing. For our new-joiners, we have developed a comprehensive onboarding & learning track to prep them for their first client projects.

Create long-lasting impact in stimulating client projects

We work with a wide selection of interesting and impactful projects and craft solutions that are future proved and built to last. At Solita, there is a true willingness to staff the projects based on employees’ interests and passions. You get to choose, and you can decline. There is no risk of getting stuck in one area of expertise. Our work is not limited to local clients, as we also collaborate with our colleagues across the borders.

We work with all sorts of projects and technologies, leveraging the newest data and cloud solutions. As an example of a recent project, we helped realise the Mobile Trucker App called “Route 1700” for DP World Antwerp to guide the drivers in the terminal. The whole truck flow was digitalised, and as a result, the drivers and terminal operators got a smoother work environment. “Route 1700” also won the award of “ICT/Digital Project of the Year 2019” in the “Small Projects” category.

Surround yourself with passionate people and caring culture

We have a great energetic team here at the Belgian office, and we like to add some fun into our work weeks. While the current situation has limited our in-person time, there is always space for some jokes and catch-ups in our Slack channels. When the world moves to the post-Covid-19 era, we also aim to get back to our office activities, including parties and after-works. There is also a group of cycling enthusiasts at the office, in case speed and bikes appeal to you.

This is why Solita is the best place to work for a tech consultant in Belgium

In general, we really like the culture at Solita. There is always support available, and you can find more experienced colleagues to spar with. Our community consists of curious and courageous people who like to try new things and are not afraid to speak up.

We have a true desire to create long-lasting impact. That requires a willingness to do things well and have a long-term mindset. The results of our work are not only visible to our clients’ but also to society, environment and regular consumers.

One of the best things at Solita is that everyone is encouraged to be their authentic selves. There is no need for roleplay or competition. People are compassionate, and they care for real. If you also care for real, you might want to check our job openings!

Would you like to join our community?

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