3 Aug 2018Blog

AI Is Suunto’s New Compass

Increasing emphasis on healthy lifestyle, sportiness as a trend and digitalisation that disrupts traditional businesses have presented new challenges to Amer Sports. How an organisation can become consumer-oriented when it has focused on producing the best products in the world and launching them effectively on the retail market?

Marko Orenius, Director of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, spoke at Solita’s Frontline event about how their company, which had been in operation for a long time, changed from a B2B company to a consumer-oriented B2C company in only a year. Suunto, a subsidiary of Amer Sports, needed transparency throughout the supply chain, all the way to consumers.

By combining data from the enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems Suunto was able to enhance its operation considerably.

On the basis of their findings, the company was able to save millions of euros and increase sales. At the same time, it could ensure better customer experience by matching availability to demand.

How does AI feel the pulse of demand, and how can it be used to serve different stakeholders?

When I started in the project 18 months ago, people did not speak much about data. We took all the data from the CRM and ERP systems at once, and we made it quickly available to everyone through quick experiments. This way we were able to provide people in different roles the views into data they prefer. For instance, data that is needed in manufacturing and raw material procurement has to be easily analysable and recommendations have to be well justified, while salespeople need data that is well processed, like “call this number and offer them these products”.

Now approximately 18 months later, almost the entire Suunto staff follows data actively as part of their everyday work. In addition, other brands of Amer Sports know Suunto as an advanced data-driven company.

With the help of lessons learnt at Suunto, we are helping other brands all around the world to adapt to the data-intensive digital world.

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Olli Lindroos is working as a Data Consultant in Solita. He designs data strategies and puts them into practice by building the best agile teams in the market to make end users feel awsome! He describes his background: “It’s my 8’th year in analytic coaching organizations. I’m focusing to be data driven and implementing advanced analytic solutions. I have also worked as a developer, which has taught me that choosing technology is the easiest part when implementing successful AI solutions. Changing the culture and the mindset to catch and overcome rapidly changing business environment is the hardest part.”