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Solita Belgium stands on the shoulders of a courageous yet easygoing culture of caring and passionate professionals. We’re part of a well-operating, high performing next IT consultancy in Northern Europe. Ready to help you make informed and wise decisions for your cloud journey.

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Local services

    • Strategy & Governance
    • Expert Advice
    • CCoE
    • Organisational Architecture
    • Cost Optimisation Services
    • Cloud Security


    Get expert advice for designing your secure cloud infrastructure, implementing strategy & governance models and optimising cost-efficiency.​

    • Microservice Development
    • Cloud Native Development
    • Distributed Application Architecture
    • Infrastructure as Code
    • Low Code


    We build cloud-native platforms that fit your needs today and provide a foundation for your future.

    • Reliability Engineering
    • Cloud Migration Services
    • CI/CD Services


    Our DevOps specialists help you build a path to deliver value rapidly and effortlessly. DevOps transformation will save you time, effort, and money and realign to shared customer goals.

  • Solita CloudBlox helps organisations to better manage cloud capacity costs, security, operations and development in the public cloud.

    Read more about Solita CloudBlox.

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