Amazon Web Services

Digitalization enables companies to benefit from data in ways that were not possible before. By utilizing data, you can create new value to your customers and your business. Amazon Web Services provides many different services from data warehouse to analytics and applications, enabling scalable, cost-effective and modern services and new digital business. Solita and AWS have long collaboration and we help you with all AWS services as well as in data management, analytics and cloud services.

Solita and AWS have long collaboration with multiple significant real-time, data-intensive services running in production. Solita currently has 35 AWS certificated professionals and many to come. Solita has unique skills in the Nordics on developing complete services on the AWS infrastructure, not just developing and operating the cloud infrastructure. We are an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner, Channel Reseller Partner and Authorized Public Sector Partner. Solita has achieved an AWS Big Data Competency .

AWS services are used by over one million active customers around the world. Solita customers include e.g. DNA and Sanoma. 

Why Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services  allows you to devote more resources to customer-focused innovation, giving you tools you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced, application-based economy.

  • A widely used cloud ecosystem with mature services for information management and analytics needs
  • Cost-effective scalability and elasticity – stop guessing at capacity planning
  • Flexibility to adapt to different business requirements –  go global in minutes
  • Easy to deploy new services
  • Secure and reliable, exceeding typical on-premise data centers – remove complicated infrastructure management that adds little business value
  • Move from risk-laden up-front expense to flexible variable expense
  • Continuously developing ecosystem of modern managed services and marketplace for AWS partner offerings

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  • Easy to use

    AWS is designed to allow application providers, ISVs, and vendors to quickly and securely host your applications – whether an existing application or a new SaaS-based application. You can use the AWS Management Console or well-documented web services APIs to access AWS’s application hosting platform.

  • Flexible

    AWS enables you to select the operating system, programming language, web application platform, database, and other services you need. With AWS, you receive a virtual environment that lets you load the software and services your application requires. This eases the migration process for existing applications while preserving options for building new solutions.

  • Cost-effective

    You pay only for the compute power, storage, and other resources you use, with no long-term contracts or up-front commitments. For more information on comparing the costs of other hosting alternatives with AWS, see the AWS Economics Center.

  • Reliable

    With AWS, you take advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure, the virtual backbone of’s multi-billion dollar online business that has been honed for over a decade.

  • Scalable and high-performance

    Using AWS tools, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing, your application can scale up or down based on demand. Backed by Amazon’s massive infrastructure, you have access to compute and storage resources when you need them.

  • Secure

    AWS utilizes an end-to-end approach to secure and harden its infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures. For more information, see the AWS Security Center.

Case DNA

The ultimate data platform based on artificial intelligence

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Solita follows the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Security: The ability to protect information systems and assets while delivering business value through risk assessments and mitigation strategies.
Reliability: The ability to recover from infrastructure or service failures, dynamically acquire computing resources to meet demand, and mitigate disruptions such as misconfigurations or transient network issues.
Performance Efficiency: The efficient use computing resources to meet system requirements, and maintaining that efficiency as demand changes and technologies evolve.
Cost Optimization: The ability to avoid or eliminate unneeded cost or suboptimal resources.

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