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AI-powered tool developed by Solita and Coxa will revolutionise how surgeons work

Solita's Oravizio risk assessment tool for joint replacement surgery

The technology, strategy and design company Solita has developed a risk tool that utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning for Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement. The tool will significantly change the way surgeons operate. The Oravizio tool supports doctors in making decisions and helps them evaluate treatment methods and risks related to patients’ surgeries. The development work was based on data gathered from more than 35,000 operations performed during a period of ten years. It is estimated that the AI tool will save money and human suffering considerably when the success rate of surgeries improves and more precise evaluation reduces the risk of complications.

Surgeons must be able to quickly identify high-risk patients and evaluate the risks of surgeries in relation to the benefits, taking into account patients’ individual backgrounds and conditions. Wrong decisions about treatments impose significant costs on society and cause patients’ worry and distress.

Joint replacement surgery is always a major operation that involves risks. If the operation is unsuccessful, revision surgeries are difficult and expensive. Doctors have to make decisions swiftly on their own.

Coxa is the largest hospital in the Nordic countries to specialise in joint replacement surgery. The most demanding joint replacement operations are more and more centralised in Coxa as it is a top unit.

“Coxa and Solita have developed the Oravizio risk tool that uses artificial intelligence. It is a unique tool on a global scale and revolutionises the way surgeons work. Over the years, we have gained vast amounts of data about factors that affect operations. With the help of the tool, others can benefit from these experiences, too”, says Tarmo Martikainen, CEO of Coxa.

“Oravizio utilises data from more than 35,000 operations, and it offers a completely new kind of starting point for the shared decision-making and interaction between orthopaedic surgeons and patients,” says Antti Eskelinen, research director and chief orthopaedic surgeon at Coxa. “For instance, if a patient knows, what kind of an impact weight loss could have on the risks of a future operation, it could really motivate them.”

The Oravizio tools combines 15 details that affect the risks related to patients’ surgery. These details include date of birth, height, weight, gender, joint to be operated, primary reason for the operation, diagnoses, medication records, and laboratory results. It also evaluates patients’ personal risks related to surgery on the basis of a massive dataset. An evaluation based on facts helps patients and doctors as they discuss the probability of risks, such as infections occurring after the surgery, as well as the mitigation of the related risks.

Solita's Oravizio risk assessment tool for joint replacement surgery

Immediate international interest

The intuitive, browser-based Oravizio tool developed by Solita and Coxa has significantly interested people all over the world already at the pilot stage. The software product that meets the standards of medical equipment is unique on a global scale. Its recommendations are fully traceable and verifiable.

“Many international players have been interested in the Oravizio tool. It is great that Finland is an innovator in the use of health care data. We could contribute to making tens or even hundreds of thousands of operations more successful,” says Jari Niska, CEO of Solita. “Our objective is to export Finnish expertise with our Oravizio product. Oravizio will be a part of Solita’s internationalisation.”

Finnish high-quality health care, together with expertise in artificial intelligence and good legislation, provide many opportunities to Finnish actors in the health care sector and networks to play leading roles in the health care of the future.

The product has been in clinical trial use at Coxa for nearly a year. Next Oravizio will be piloted in several other hospitals. First, the product will be piloted in a free experiment in the Central Finland Central Hospital and Lapland Central Hospital. In addition, there will be pilot schemes in Sweden and Netherlands.

Further information:
Jari Niska, CEO, Solita, [email protected], p. +358 40 524 6400
Tarmo Martikainen, CEO, Coxa, [email protected], p. +358 50 558 4579

Ask for more information about the Oravizio tool:
Kimmo Kivirauma, Business Director, Solita, [email protected], p. +358 40 739 0239
Risto Kaikkonen, Director, Solita Health & Wellbeing Division, [email protected] , p. +358 41 536 8745

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Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement is the largest hospital in the Nordic countries and the only hospital to specialise in joint replacement surgery in Finland. Coxa employs more than 230 top specialists. In 2018, more than 4,500 joint replacements were carried out at Coxa. The most important objective of the Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement is to provide the best possible care for its patients and to quickly restore their functional ability. Coxa’s patient safety is peerless even by international comparison. Coxa is the leading national hospital for re-operations which require specialised expertise and sufficient experience. Coxa also has the expertise to treat patients with tumours and infections. www.coxa.fi, www.coxapro.com

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