Agile Data - Accelerate your data capability

Agile Data enables you to build a cloud-based data warehouse and flexible architecture to improve your company’s data capability.

Agile Data™ enables you to build cloud-based data warehouse and flexible architecture to improve your company's data capability.

Companies are building new services based on data, as well as a better multi-channel customer experience. Industrial businesses are quickly transforming from product sellers to service providers. The challenges here are the quality of the data and its fragmentation into different systems, the slow and difficult development of the data warehouse solution and other systems, the use of cloud services and the missing link between data and business. The Agile Data™ solution allows you to build a flexible and scalable architecture to improve your company’s data capability.

Agile Data™ – Turn data into value faster

  • 47%

    smaller development and operating costs

  • 56%

    reduction in errors

  • 5x

    faster delivery

Agile Data combines tools, architecture and DevOps methods

Agile Data™ combines software for analytical data integration and information management with a delivery model, allowing the implementation and operation of cloud data warehouse to be modelled and automated.

The Agile Data™ solution is based on the Agile Data Engine software and the Agile Data Delivery model. The Agile Data Engine accelerates, optimises and automates the work related to the life cycle of data solutions. Agile Data Delivery is a model for delivering analytics and data solutions based on agile methods and utilising the Agile Data Engine software. The result is the Agile Data Hub, a cloud-based data warehouse solution with the minimum operating cost and the fastest availability for business.

  • Agile Data Engine

    The Agile Data Engine is an integrated Data Devops development and operating environment for building and operating cloud-based data warehouse. The Agile Data Engine manages development and automates the repeating steps.

  • Agile Data Delivery

    Agile Data Delivery is an effective business-oriented delivery model for cloud-based data warehouse. The customer-oriented approach ensures quick and continuous business value by enhancing workflow and minimising turnaround times.

Benefits of Agile Data

  • 1

    Standardise and automate workflows

  • 2

    Agile and business-oriented development

  • 3

    Flexible and scalable data architecture

  • 4

    Modular and continuous implementation of results

  • 5

    More business value through improved workflow and minimised turnaround times

  • 6

    Easy and risk-free way to develop your company’s data capability

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