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Connect your knowledge of data, software development or integration to cloud

Connect your knowledge of data, software development or integration to cloud

Have you reached your limit with the current tech stack? Is it all becoming a bit too dull working with the same tools time after time? Have you felt an interest towards cloud technologies, but haven’t got a chance to learn more about them?

If you are already working for example as a Software Developer, Integration Architect, Data Engineer or Cloud Specialist, we offer you a chance to combine your current knowledge with the newest cloud technologies.

Cloud is often connected to agility and adaptability – in other words cloud gives you freedom. At Solita you can pick which cloud service is the best for you. We are partnering with all the major players in the public cloud field: AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Not that we are blowing our own trumpets, but we do have the strongest cloud competence in Northern Europe. Freedom is in the center of your work at Solita; come as you are, choose your own devices and design the best way for you to work. We promise that you’ll always find someone who knows more than you – that’s why it’s very easy for us to promise you a community where you constantly learn something new.

  • We offer you a possibility to achieve certifications and attend trainings.

  • In our study groups, you can study cloud certifications together with other Solitans.

  • You will develop your cloud skills in interesting and impactful customer projects.

  • You will get the support you need. Your project team, mentor, team lead, and other Solitans are always ready to help you.

  • We support comprehensively your professional growth. In addition to technical training, Solita offers you training in self-leadership, consulting, and other work-life skills.

Continuous learning

When you arrive at Solita you don’t have to be ready. We help you widen and deepen your knowledge in a variety of ways.

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