Palmun Alla -podcast: Nudging the public, Episode 5

We like to entertain the notion that we are in control — our decisions are ours, deliberately made. Yet, much of our behavior is governed by processes beyond our conscious reasoning. We are constantly influenced by our context, and others’ small and large decisions.

Nudging is the art of making subtle changes to our behavior. What sets it apart from other methodologies is its base on the scientific method. At its purest, nudging follows a careful setup: a randomized controlled trial allows the impact of the nudge to be carefully evaluated.

We had an in-depth discussion with behavioral scientist Pelle Hansen who is engaged both in the scientific community in Roskilde University, and iNudgeYou, applied behavioral science group. We reflect how they affected the design of the Copenhagen airport, Kastrup, and Denmark’s largest supermarket chain Coop. Finally, we hear what — if anything — affects student drinking behavior.

Kuuntele podcast

Pelle: Owning a dog
Maria: Bathing in the unique Yrjönkadun uimahalli in Helsinki
Lauri: Trekking especially the first two days of the Mahlerweg

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Palmun alla is a podcast by Palmu, a Finnish service design company. The program is produced by Lauri Lukka, Maria Niemi ja Henry Jalonen. Theme music by Juha Vaaraniemi.