Do you want to be a front runner? Join our team of data-driven professionals in Stockholm – 14 colleagues needed!

Grab hold of the chance to join Solita, a rapidly growing digital consultancy helping to transform business and society through data and human insight.  With over 20 years of experience to draw on, we’re a market leader in Nordics. We’re now looking for 14 data-driven professionals to Stockholm!

What will you be doing?

There roles puts you at the very head of Nordic data-driven business. We help our Nordic customers succeed in their businesses by developing new, innovative data-driven services. Working in a small, interdisciplinary team, you will be part of our unique combination of expertise uniting datadesign and cloud computing.

This work is not for a novice. You’ve done this kind of thing before, so you have technical knowledge, experience working in data projects, and the ability to talk with customers at all levels of business so you can understand, share, and add to their vision.

We are now looking for 14 data-driven professionals:

With us, you sign up to a cooperative, easygoing workplace, where every member of your team, including you, will make important contributions tochallenging, tailored projects that stretch and improve your skills.

Is this the place for you?

Solita has been in Sweden since January 2017. Solita office in Stockholm has  all the excitement of a start-up, but with the secure backing of a well-established network 650 colleagues. We are located right in the heart of downtown Stockholm, and working with some of the biggest companies in Sweden.

We believe in autonomous way of working; you have the freedom to choose what you do and the responsibility to get it done together with over 650 specialist colleagues in software, data, integrations, coaching, and service design to help you to do it.

Are you passionate about your work, and love what you do? Do you care about the world, so you’re keen to help your colleagues, your customers, and society at large? Do you like to be yourself at work, without the strict rules of a traditional corporation? Are you courageous, ready to jump in the deep end and figure things out? This is how we are in Solita, so if you’re like this, you’ll fit right in.

Join our Stockholm team!

If you feel up to the challenge, send your application to Tell us briefly why you are interested in the our open positions, along with your CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile. We can help with relocation if you are not currently resident in Stockholm. The deadline for applications is 29 June.

  • Should you have any questions about this position, contact our Director of Scandinavia Petronella on +46 766 433 600, or
  • Find out more about working at Solita from our Recruitment Coach Jenni on +358 44 750 4441, or
  • If Solita sounds like a great place to work but this job doesn’t quite suit you, check out our other positions.
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Meillä kaikilla on unelma. Kerro omasi meille ja tule mukaan rakentamaan tulevaisuutta jossa haluat elää. Meillä uusia toimintatapoja, palveluita ja teknologiaratkaisuja luovat ihmiset, joiden taustat ovat joko tavallisia tai epätavallisia.

Oletko kiinnostunut terveys- ja hyvinvointialan palveluiden kehittämisestä?

Solita toimii terveys- ja hyvinvointialan julkisen, yksityisen ja kolmannen sektorin yhdistäjänä. Solita Health -yksikkömme auttaa asiakkaitamme palveluiden kehittämisessä strategioista, palvelumuotoilusta ja arkkitehtuureista laajoihin järjestelmätoteutuksiin sekä datan ja tekoälyn hyödyntämiseen. Haluaisitko olla mukana rakentamassa paremman elämän edellytyksiä meille kaikille?

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